Lure fishing reviews and news

We will do our very best to bring you honest reviews, by experienced, successful anglers. We love being positive and finding out how to get the best from lures and lure fishing tackle, but we will also tell it how it is if we think a product has issues or just isn’t fit for purpose. However it is important to remember that our reviews are just our opinions, no doubt other people will disagree, so read the reviews, listen to what we say, then go out and try things for yourself…you might just prove us wrong !

All our reviews will finish with a Luretour award.


A lure that gets a bronze award is a decent lure. It might not be very innovative or it may be rather expensive for what it is or it may have some issues of build quality or design. It will still catch fish though, but not one of our favourites




A lure that gets a silver award is a very good lure, it may have have one or two issues, but on the whole it’s a good lure. Not earth- shattering ” I MUST OWN IT!” great, but you will catch plenty of fish on it and it has no major issues




A lure that gets a gold award is a brilliant lure. It will be innovative and well made. It will be good value for money and it will catch lots of fish. It’s the sort of lure that will be in our tackle boxes and waist bags for a long time to come and we suggest you buy some too !



A lure that gets a Kryptonite award is an amazing lure ! It will have stood the test of time and caught fish for many years. It will be a design classic that has become iconic amongst lure anglers. In short, it will be legendary ! No new, lure will be awarded a Kryptonite award, it will only be awarded to a lure that has proved itself over many years and many fish.





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