Lure fishing reviews and news

Each week we aim to highlight three great lure fishing bargains that are available. Our resident bargain hunter browses across many online stores and comes up with our top three bargains of the week. So if you fancy some new lures and don’t want to pay a premium here is the inside info you need.

NOTE: We do not have direct contact with the retailers listed below, so we have no control over how long the offers we find will last or how much stock the retailers have. Luretour accepts no responsibility if the offers highlighted are no longer available.

1) HTO Lure Vest – RRP £59.99 – Offer price £29.99

Most of us freshwater lure anglers use waist bags or shoulder bags of one type or another to carry our gear and stay on the move, but there is a lot to be said for wearing a piece of kit like this HTO lure vest. Fly Anglers have been wearing vests for years and having all the pockets to hand without fighting with your bag can save time and hassle. This HTO Vest is purpose designed for light lure angling and at 50% off it’s an absolute bargain.


2) YGK G-Soul Upgrade x4 PE Braid- RRP £20.99 – Offer price £10.00

YGK make some of the best braid available, particularly at the cheaper end of the market and at just over £20 for 150m the G-Soul Upgrade X4 braid was a great price already. For a tenner it’s an absolute steal !


3) Westin KickTeez 9cm- RRP £5.99 – Offer price £3.99

These are lures that we absolutely love. We often fish them on a drop shot set up for big perch and zander. They also work well rigged on a jig head and have a unique inner channel for both jig-head hook and stinger which gives you added stealth and a far more natural presentation and swimming action. They have a superb slim profile and the tail works at the lowest of speeds.



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