Lure fishing reviews and news

Each week we aim to highlight three great lure fishing bargains that are available. Our resident bargain hunter browses across many online stores and comes up with our top three bargains of the week. So if you fancy some new lures and don’t want to pay a premium here is the inside info you need.

NOTE: We do not have direct contact with the retailers listed below, so we have no control over how long the offers we find will last or how much stock the retailers have. Luretour accepts no responsibility if the offers highlighted are no longer available.

1) Fish Arrow Airbag Bug – RRP £8.49 – Offer price £2.99

When restrictions are lifted and we can get out fishing again I predict topwater fishing for chub and perch could well be this years craze. This is where these little beauties will come in to their own. We are definitely getting some for ourselves and we might take a Spike-it black marker to a few as they would look great as beetles. Fish Arrow make exceptional lures. Their quality is fantastic and in our experience, their lures catch a lot of fish. So the chance to grab some of these Airbag Bugs at 65% discount is just too good to miss.


2) Daiwa Prorex Mermaid Shad – RRP £9.98 – Offer price £4.00

This could be just the lure for you reservoir predator anglers out there. The “mermaid” tails on these 125mm lures makes them perfect for vertical fishing for big zander and perch and at £4.00 for a pack of 5 these are a proper bargain.


3) Culprit 4″ Incredi-Craw- RRP £3.65 – Offer price £2.75

We have to admit we are a sucker for a crayfish style creature bait, they are just so much fun to use and seem to catch more than their fair share of our bigger perch and zander. So these Culprit Incredi-Craws look very nice to us, especially at a bargain price of just £2.75 for a pack of 6. Sometimes lures that are discounted are only available in weird, less popular colours, but we really like the Culprit Green Pumpkin/Orange Flake combination.



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