Lure fishing reviews and news

Each week we aim to highlight three great lure fishing bargains that are available. Our resident bargain hunter browses across many online stores and comes up with our top three bargains of the week. So if you fancy some new lures and don’t want to pay a premium here is the inside info you need.

NOTE: We do not have direct contact with the retailers listed below, so we have no control over how long the offers we find will last or how much stock the retailers have. Luretour accepts no responsibility if the offers highlighted are no longer available.

1) Berkley Havoc Rocket Craw – RRP £4.99 – Offer price £1.00

With milder weather on the way, signal crayfish will become far more active over the next few months. That’s when a nice cray imitation like these 10cm Berkley Havoc Rocket Craw will really score. Fished slowly with little hops along the bottom they can be deadly. At £1.00 for a pack of 8 this is a proper bargain.


2) Savage Gear 3D Snake – RRP £20.99 – Offer price £9.97

Once the Pike have finished spawning and water temperatures rise it will be topwater time again and although we doubt that the Savage Gear 3D snake is likely to be the most productive topwater for UK and European anglers, there is no denying that it is a pretty cool bait. Come on, admit it, you would love to throw one of these, see it side-windering across the surface of the water and then try to hold your nerve as a hungry predator smashes it on the surface ! Angling Active are offering these bad boys at less than half price, that’s got to be worth considering.


3) Predator Tackle “BIG ONE” Sale – 20% off everything

With coronavirus causing the BIG ONE tackle show to be postponed this year, Predator Tackle have decided to cheer us all up by offering a cool 20% off all products in their online store since they won’t be able to offer their usual great offers at the show. When you consider that they stock masses of baits and tackle by brands such as Gunki, Zman, Molix, Illex, Westin and Spro then there are some serious savings to be grabbed. The Sale is on until March 23rd.


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