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Case Officer:   John Cheyne

Name:   Bomb Shot

Manufacturer:   Missile Baits

Lure Type:   Worms, grubs and senkos

Size:   10cm (4″)

Weight:   2.3g

Price:   £5.19 for pack of 15

I’ve always been a big fan of slim flexible drop shot lures. One of my favourites is the Lunker City Ribster and my first impression of the Bomb Shot from Missile Baits is that it has a lot of similarities with the Ribster. A slim ribbed body and a flexible flat tail means that you are going to get a lot of action without having to do much work and the lure is likely to be quivering and moving attractively even when you are holding it static. In my experience that’s going to catch you fish.


The Bomb Shots with our hook of choice for drop-shotting this size of bait. The Trokar TK150


First Impressions

The Bomb Shots come in a nice sized re-sealable bag which we at Luretour approve of. Re-using is better than recycling, so we are always happy when lures come in a clip top bag rather than a blister pack. It’s nice to see a premium bait being sold in packs of 15 too, at about 35p each these are very inexpensive baits. The mould quality of the lures in the pack we bought was excellent, every bait was pretty much perfect. We choose “straight black” as our review colour and it really provides a lovely glossy finish. The baits smell good too, I can’t quite work out what the scent is, maybe ‘craw’ with a hint of garlic, but they certainly don’t smell of plastic. The material is advertised as salt free and neutrally buoyant and the lures were designed by John Crews the highly successful US Bass angler. Of course they only provide good value if they actually catch fish, so that was the next task !

Rigged and ready to go

Testing Time

Gary Palmer and myself were really keen to see what the lures looked like in action, so we headed down to a section of reasonably clear canal, so that we could get a quick under-water movie of the baits action. These lures are designed specifically as a drop shot lure, so we set up a classic drop shot set up using an Eagle Claw Trokar size 2 or 4 drop shot hook (TK150) Gary prefers the size 2, I prefer the 4 !  6lb MajorCraft Dangan Fluoro and a 3.5g Tungsten drop-shot weight complete the rig. Playing with them in shallow water where we could see the action of the lure, was fun and very revealing. These lures really do need very little in the way of inputs to get them moving, and if you do work the end of your rod tip, they dance about like crazy.

With that in mind we fished the lures without too much working of the rod tip. We knew that just slowly reeling a couple of turns and then letting the line go a little slack would have the lures working beautifully. We often find that a little bit of slack line when fishing drop-shot is absolutely deadly. It seems to trigger fish to feed as the lure drops weightlessly and because there is no taught line, it is very easy for them to ‘inhale’ the lure straight in. That’s exactly what happened fairly early on as a couple of nice, but not huge perch decided the Bomb Shot looked too tasty to resist. With this early success we were full of confidence as the afternoon wore on and light levels dropped, which is so often a trigger for the bigger perch to feed. Thankfully one lovely fat stripey did exactly that and Gary’s rod hooped over. After a nice fight on a light outfit, I lifted the net under the fish and we both said “chunky” simultaneously. The fish measured 42cm and weighed just under 3lb

Gary searching for big perch around structure.


Since our first test we’ve used the Bomb Shot on several occasions and the results have been very similar. Fish love these lures. I’ve also used it on a jighead, bouncing it across the bottom and caught fish that way too. The ribbed body construction offers a couple of important benefits; firstly it provides a good sized body profile while maintaining the flexibility of a much slimmer bait, and it’s also a great help if you are adding scent in the form of a liquid or gel additive as the gaps between the ribs will hold a huge amount of additive, over a long period of time. The nose of the lure is pretty solid and this provides a nice secure hook hold for drop shotting. The plastic itself is soft enough to be very flexible even in cold water conditions, but we have had very few lures damaged by fish.

Gary with his Bomb Shot perch

We haven’t tried it yet, but these lures just scream Wrasse in our opinion, so if you are heading to the coast this summer we suggest you try a few – we’ll be giving them a go on a weedless carolina rig. Overall these are lures that we are more than happy to recommend. They are inexpensive, but very well made. They do exactly what they were designed to do, and they do it well. Not only will the Bomb-shot now become a regular lure in our armoury for perch, zander and probably Wrasse too, but we will be getting online and ordering some more in a few different colours. There are currently a dozen different colours in the range.

Build Quality:   Very nicely made lures

Value For Money:   A premium bait at a discount price

Performance:   We can’t fault it. These lures do exactly what they were designed to do.

Overall:   The Bomb Shot has certainly been a big hit with us, we love them.

The Missile Baits Bomb Shot has been awarded the LureTour Gold award !

You can find out more about Missile Baits range at

We bought our lures in the UK from


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